Sikizi for Schools Overview

How to tame school kids’ temptation to alter or ‘lose’ their exam report cards
October 16, 2018

As a school owner, communication is at the centre of your day to day activities. You have to communicate with your parents and mentors to set direction and solve problems, and with your staff to work together on core initiatives. Also, you have to be in touch with your product suppliers and other associates, or your school will fall apart.
Having a smooth system of communication is vital to helping your school succeed.

The world of technology moves fast, and today there are more ways to communicate than ever before – SMS text has become one of the most versatile and convenient means of communication, but even that realm has been greatly expanded by a host of apps and tools meant to enhance or support the experience.
We (Bunifu technologies) have come up with a desktop application to automate the process of communication in schools. Using SMS for alerts and notifications from Schools and Educational Institutes are highly beneficial for keeping parents and guardians notified on student performance, upcoming tests and exams, fee payment reminders, scheduling changes, and events.

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